FSDBC Club History

The Fremantle Swan Dragon Boat Club came into being in 1981 and for history purposes the date is now recorded as being 1 November 1981. How did it happen? Our founding club President, David Blackley was visiting Hong Kong Life-Savers when they introduced him to a well know Hong Kong identity in Charles Thirlwell, who had resurrected the sport among Hong Kong Fishing Fraternities to such an extent that the then Hong Kong Department of Tourism commenced around 1979, International Dragon Boat Racing Festivals to which overseas teams were invited to participate.


Charlie introduced David to the HKTA and they in turn invited a team from Fremantle to Hong Kong to race and so the Fremantle Swan Dragon Boat Club was born. It was the second dragon boat club to be formed in Australia (but now the longest in existence).


FSDBC was the first Australian team to compete in Hong Kong and Macau and another first was that the Club designed and built the first aluminium dragon boat in the world. The Club now caters for juniors through to Masters of both genders. Interestingly, before the acquisition of the aluminium dragon boat the paddlers used a surfboat to train in!


Since that time, the Club has had the honour and privilege to race in places such as Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Penang, and Taipei on many occasions with some good success. FSDBC receives invitations on an annual basis to compete in Taipei, Hong Kong, Macau, China, and Penang.


The Club has also done very well locally and is always up there in the top bracket of competition.


FSDBC is the Oldest Dragon Boat Club in Australia


The Fremantle Swan Dragon Boat Club welcomes new members and looks forwar to a long and productive association with our club.