The DBWA Regatta season commences in October and concludes approximately April. Pre-season training is strongly advised and left to the individual. Those competing overseas generally continue to train throughout the year.


Relatively new to Dragon Boating but rapidly growing in popularity is the Winter Marathon Series. These marathons of approximately 20kms are considerably longer than regular races of 200 and 500mtrs. Training is tailored for this with less emphasis on starts and sprints and more on endurance and marathon techniques. Training sessions begin at same times but can drop back to twice a week (Thursday and Saturday) depending on demand.

Training sessions begin with stretching and general fitness on land, commencing at the Swan Yacht Club car park: Riverside Rd, East Fremantle. The team then take the boats out for an hour of paddling and skill work. The sessions conclude with warm downs and more stretching.

Training Sessions are held on the following days:


Summer (October – April)

Tuesday    5:45pm 

Thursday   5:45pm 

Saturday   1:45pm 



Thursday   5:45pm 

Saturday   1:45pm 


LOCATION: Swan Yacht Club, Riverside Drive, East Fremantle

[Thursday nights are cheap eats night at the Yacht club, most of us stay behind for a feed....and a drink...or two, Saturdays are also a great chance to social as the SYC is open too!]


If you are interested in trying Dragonboating, just send us a quick email, turn up at a training session and ask for one of the team.